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After spending the best part of two years in Dublin, it was time to leave.  Which meant having a few celebratory pints...!

St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre (94kb) Elaine: &quotWhere's me drink gone?" (31kb) Grafton Street, still looking a bit festive (69kb)
... as is Great George's Street South  (62kb) ... where you'll find one of Dublin's Great Pubs - The Long Hall (that's H-A-L-L, not H-A-U-L Mr Moodie!) (28kb) The new Dublin Spire under construction (33kb)
Elaine's definitely looking the worse for drink now! (40kb) Ooooooooooh yeah! (38kb) The Bleeding Horse, at Kelly's Corner (30kb)
Dearbhla (35kb) Meself and Dave Moodie (44kb) Kerry gets a bout of camera-shyness (33kb)

map of the area

lonely planet guide to dublin

leinster flag

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