uluru & kata tjuta scenic flight 2

The weather was lovely and clear so we got to see some amazing views from the plane. Bear in mind that this was the same day we had visited Uluru to se the (exceedingly wet) sunrise - we'd gone to the rock at about 7am, the flight was at 2pm.

Looks like a face to me... (44kb) ... Yes, definitely a face in the rock (44kb) DSC01237.jpg (42kb)
DSC01238.jpg (46kb) DSC01239.jpg (52kb) Leaving the rock (61kb)
DSC01241.jpg (38kb) DSC01242.jpg (37kb) mpeg video clip (2.83Mb)
The desert looks surprisingly green from up here (39kb) Heading towards Kata Tjuta - The Olgas (35kb) The Olgas are more extensive than Ayre's Rock (42kb)
... and taller too (40kb) DSC01251.jpg (48kb) DSC01252.jpg (40kb)
northern territory flag

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