After such a long and tiring day, perhaps an early night was in order?  Don't be daft!  The bar was open and there was music... so fun to be had.

Certain people even decided that a midnight skinny dip in the pool was in order - until the security guards chucked them out.  Names withheld to protect the guilty, but you know who you are!!

We all thoroughly deserved a drink (36kb) I think Lucy's enjoying the singer (52kb) I'm enjoying a beer! (36kb)
Doing the macarena... (59kb) ... badly...! (48kb) Look they're not all facing the same way! (42kb)
Emma and Alison (46kb) Amy's overcome with excitement at the sight of alcohol! (47kb) Emma and Jess enter the 'Standing up with your eyes closed and not fallig over' competition (51kb)
Just the one bowl of rice Chris? (44kb) Jess finishes ramming the cucumber up Matty's arse (35kb) Jimmy and his bitches (54kb)
Jimmy and his reserve bitches (50kb) Self portrait by Paul (35kb)  
northern territory flag

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