uluru 6 - the next day

Next morning I chose to have a lie-in, whilst others had an early start to see if they could climb Uluru.  (Well, there was no way I could have climbed it anyway!)  So they borrowed my camera to take a few snaps from the top.

Unfortunately, the climb was again closed - due to the previous day's rain.  But they still managed to take some good pics as they walked around the base.

Sarah loves the early mornings (36kb) Aboriginal rock art (58kb) Rock surfing! (40kb)
DSC01360.jpg (52kb) DSC01361.jpg (65kb) Chris has got that glint in his eye again... ladies beware! (61kb)
Mt Connor (35kb) Often mistaken for Uluru, Mt Connor is on private land and not accessible to the public (38kb)  
northern territory flag

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