The Ghan deposited me in Adelaide.  I had originally wanted to travel to Melbourne, but for some reason this journey was due to terminate in Adelaide instead of Melbourne or Sydney.

So I had a couple of days to kill in Adelaide before flying off to Queensland.  Everyone seems to have a downer on Adelaide, but I thought it quite a pleasant little place - especially when I discovered the beach at Glenelg.

I went t buy a cheap $3 towel from a shop in Adelaide, to go and lie on the beach. It turns out the woman serving me was from Leeds (that's in Yorkshire, Northern England to the non-Brits).  So then spent a while discussing the merits of Leeds.

Oh and if you're in the area and need a good haircut, I can highly recommend Kim from Cut Station, in the Station Arcade.  Definitely the best haircut I've had in Adelaide!

A cheerful sign.  Keeping count of the number of people killed this year by smoking. (53kb) Stuart.  He managed to cross Australia.  They named a road after him. (73kb) The pier at Glenelg (45kb)
This monument marks the place where settlers first landed in SA. (35kb) Mind the tram (52kb) Glenelg beach (46kb)
The sea at Glenelg (63kb) The 1920s tram runs from the centre of Adelaide to the beach at Glenelg (59kb)  
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