No, not Ballina in Co. Mayo.  Nor even Ballina in Co. Tipperary.  But Ballina in NSW Australia, just south of Byron Bay.

Home of the Big Prawn and home to Emma.  Yes, Australia is full of 'Big' things; like the Big Pineapple, the Big Banana, the Big Prawn and so on.  Sadly, no photo of the Big Prawn - but there is one of Emma.

Parked the campervan at a little campsite by the mouth of the Richmond River, which was very convenient.  Despite being a small town, it still manges to have an Irish bar (well, being called Ballina I suppose it ought to really).  Oh and a damn good bakery selling top quality hot-cross buns - in fact there were lots of good bakeries selling good hot-cross buns... so much so, I think for a week I lived on virtually nothing but hot-cross buns and VB!

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