byron bay

Crossing the border from Queensland to New South Wales - and a change in timezone. Whilst NSW observes daylight saving time, QLD does not - so for half the year they are both in the same timezone, but during the summer NSW is 1 hour ahead of QLD. This was my sixth change of timezone since arriving in Australia.

So heading south towards the famous Byron Bay - thanks for the tip Louise (aka mini-Dodd).

It is a very nice place, much nicer than the few pictures I took of it - but I found it too crowded.  Not many place to park a campervan - I found a nice site, but for the first time in my travels nearly every space in the site was taken.

Byron Bay (49kb) DSC01544.jpg (39kb)
DSC01546.jpg (23kb) DSC01547.jpg (22kb)
new south wales flag

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