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Continuing my exploration of the area around the Alice.

You'll also see a picture of the Todd River, which is normally dry.  They say that if you see the river flowing three times, you can consider yourself a local.

Every September they hold a regatta called Henley-on-Todd, where they run along in the river bed in hollowed out boats.  It had to be cancelled one year because the river was flowing!

Emily Gap (82kb) Emily Gap (72kb) The Old South Road (54kb)
DSC01488.jpg (62kb) DSC01489.jpg (61kb) DSC01490.jpg (37kb)
They even have speed limits on unsealed roads (61kb) DSC01463.jpg (47kb) DSC01492.jpg (71kb)
DSC01493.jpg (58kb) Its a long way... (60kb) The Todd River (76kb)
henley-on-todd regatta
northern territory flag

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