dublin 3


August 2003

Back to Dublin to visit Gizem and Chris - and catch up with Fnona, who's also making a trip back to Dublin.

This time it's a trip on the ferry - lovely and calm, unlike some of the journeys I've made across the Irish Sea...

Chris and Gizem, in their flat (33kb) Looking down from the roof on their flat, onto Temple Bar Square (96kb) Looking north (61kb)
DSC02478.jpg (50kb) Fiona (aka Fnona), Chris & Gizem (46kb) Rude Fnona (43kb)
DSC02483.jpg (37kb) DSC02488.jpg (38kb) Lorraine & Gizem (39kb)
Fnona & Gizem (39kb) DSC02499.jpg (36kb) DSC02504.jpg (33kb)
DSC02507.jpg (42kb) DSC02513.jpg (41kb) DSC02523.jpg (37kb)

temple bar

irish ferries

leinster flag

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