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Between January and Auguat, a new pub had opened in Dame Street, Dublin 2.  That's just what Dublin needs, another pub... there just weren't enough of them before!

We also took a ride on the DARTdown to Dún Laoghaire for the Festival of World Cultures - which not only had music from many countries, but a French and a Dutch market.

The old Royal Bank of Ireland (56kb) ... now made into a stylish bar (60kb) Dún Laoghaire harbour wall, on a foggy day, there's still a gun there (31kb)
The Dún Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures (44kb) Gizem and Fnona on the roof (41kb) Cycling challenge - can you ride the bike between the two white lines without putting your feet on the ground? (87kb)
Feel confident? Stake €5 to win €50.  The only problem is... the steering has been  reversed! (86kb) Blue man and the brand-new (albeit old-looking) Quays Bar (65kb) The Dublin Spire is now complete (16kb)
The Custom House - completed in 1791 (51kb) Fnona and the Liffey (58kb) Our old haunt, The Bankers (70kb)

festival of world cultures

leinster flag

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