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The first thing I came across in New York was an anti-war demonstration; they reckon nearly 100,000 people turned up.  As well as a large Police presence, there were lots of big black cars, with blacked-out windows, flashing lights and sirens dashing around as well.  Hmmm...

Then to the Guggenheim Museum.  This was something that I was really looking forward to; not just for the contents - but also for the building itself.  Completed in 1959, it was designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright - and it is arguably his greatest work.

The main exhibition which practically filled the museum was Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle - five separate works being shown together for the first time.


Anti-war demo (81kb) DSC02019.jpg (84kb) Guggenheim Museum (61kb)
DSC02021.jpg (52kb) DSC02022.jpg (85kb) DSC02024.jpg (47kb)
DSC02025.jpg (63kb) If you walk up the stairs, there's an open-air basketball court there (72kb) DSC02034.jpg (56kb)
A strange shop entrance? Or Times Square/42nd Street Subway station? (52kb) Holy in the wall Batman... it's a bank! (38kb) DSC02045.jpg (71kb)

guggenheim museum

the cremaster cycle

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