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I'm pleased to report that Noo Yoik is just like it is in all the films.

You do see steam rising from gratings in the street; the subway does look dodgy; when you tell a cab driver you want to go to 'Thirty-four East Thirty-second', then (providing they speak English) they won't think you're speaking some bizarre code, they will just drive you there at madcap speed showing scant regard for other road users; when a traffic light turns green, if you don't start driving within 0.1 nanoseconds, then the cab driver behind you will starting hooting his horn; if you go into a deli and order a ham sandwich, they will stuff it full of more ham then you'd get in a family pack in Tesco and then they will cram in the whole of the salad bar from the local Pizza Hut.  

In fact you can't simply order a ham and cheese sandwich as you would in Britain, as they would get confused because you haven't told them what type of cheese you want, whether or not you want mayonnaise and exactly which parts of the entire Pizza Hut salad bar you want stuffed into your sandwich!

Looking for a bar near Times Square on my first night, the nearest two were both Irish bars.  So I decided to treat myself to a Guinness or two.  It felt very odd, sitting in a bar in New York chatting to a barmaid from Ennis, Co. Clare, drinking a pint of Guinness and reading a copy of the Irish Independent.  Or at least drinking what they call a pint; I didn't realise before that an American pint is only 473ml, whilst a British/Irish one is 568ml - I felt I was being short-changed... so I ordered another one just to make up!

Times Square by day... (82kb) DSC02028.jpg (77kb) DSC02030.jpg (75kb)
DSC02032.jpg (88kb) ... and Times Square by night. (66kb) ... and Times Square by night. (66kb)
DSC02040.jpg (65kb) DSC02041.jpg (83kb) DSC02109.jpg (29kb)
  And of course, the ubiquitous Irish bar! (30kb)  
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