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I took the Gray Line open-top double-deck bus tour around southern Manhattan.

The first thing that surprised me was seeing there was a New York production of The Play What I Wrote - the celebration of the British comedians Morecombe & Wise.  If I'd known that in advance, I'd have gone along to see the play.

If you don't know who Morcombe & Wise are, then it's about time you learned - and you can start the learning with the Eric Morecombe Paper Bag Trick .

The Morcombe & Wise celebration - 'The Play What I Wrote' (49kb) DSC02113.jpg (94kb) Knifeboard Building (36kb)
DSC02117.jpg (36kb) DSC02118.jpg (43kb) I thought some of the roads in Dublin were poor - but they were never made of wood! (55kb)
DSC02120.jpg (72kb) US Court House (38kb) DSC02123.jpg (50kb)
DSC02124.jpg (59kb) A 99 and a Strawberry Mivvi please (67kb) DSC02126.jpg (66kb)

the play what i wrote - new york

the play what i wrote - uk

new york city flag

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