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Although I enjoyed seeing the sights from the top of a bus, I have to say I was really disappointed with the Gray Line tour.  Firstly it was very expensive in comparison to to equivalent tours elsewhere.  Secondly the tour guide was useless; he spent so long telling us what a great guy the driver was and how we might like to 'remember' him financially when we got off, that he missed many of the places along the way - often telling us about them long after we'd passed them.

With a one-day 'fun' pass (valid on the Subway and NYC buses) costing only $4 (although it has since increased to $7) I reckon you'll probably have a much better time doing it yourself, with a guidebook.

The United Nations Building (39kb) Yellow cabs everywhere! (77kb) DSC02133.jpg (72kb)
Mind your head! (33kb) Radio City Music Hall (74kb) DSC02136.jpg (32kb)
Central Park (108kb) Central Park pond (90kb) DSC02140.jpg (67kb)
DSC02141.jpg (62kb) DSC02142.jpg (57kb)  

gray line new york

mta new york city transit

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