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After the evening of stuffing ourselves with various exotic meats it was an early start for the sunrise balloon ride.  And when I say early I mean very early... it meant getting up at 4am!

Having been collected from the hotel by 'trainee pilot' Chris, he drove us out to find a suitable launching site.  They have a number of sites that they use, the site chosen on any particular day being dependent on the prevailing winds.

One a suitable launch site was found, we had to help in setting up the balloon.  First a large fan is used to part-fill the balloon with air, then the burners are lit to make the balloon rise.  Once the balloon is upright, it's a mad dash to get aboard before it floats away!


Australia's biggest balloon basket! (31kb) Well, come one - it's not even 5am (38kb) Helping to get the balloon ready (34kb)
Looking inside the balloon (30kb) DSC01397.jpg (21kb) DSC01399.jpg (5kb)
Anyone for a cooked breakfast? (54kb) DSC01401.jpg (22kb) The sun's coming... (22kb)
DSC01403.jpg (15kb) DSC01406.jpg (9kb) DSC01407.jpg (30kb)
All aboard! (23kb) Going up... (24kb) DSC01410.jpg (16kb)
outback ballooning
northern territory flag

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