ballooning 2

The same company had a number of balloons flying from the location that morning, but ours was much larger (and able to fly much higher) than the others.  We were told that our balloon could carry over 20 people and was in fact the largest balloon operating in Australia.


Crossing the Stuart Highway (23kb) Glorious sunrise (25kb) Sadly the photos cannot capture the full majesty of the sunrise (25kb)
DSC01416.jpg (33kb) The old South Road and the track of the Ghan (25kb) Gaining height (34kb)
Getting higher than the others! (47kb) DSC01422.jpg (24kb) DSC01423.jpg (22kb)
DSC01424.jpg (29kb) The McDonnell ranges are in the distance (25kb) We're the highest balloon of all! (29kb)
The secret US 'spy' base  (36kb) DSC01428.jpg (25kb) DSC01429.jpg (48kb)
northern territory flag

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