ballooning 3

The only word to describe the view is 'wow'!

A bumpy landing is part of the whole experience, but to be honest I've had bumpier landings in aeroplanes!

Then we had to pack away the balloon (making use of Hannah as a handy weight) before heading off for a champagne breakfast.  Some people appeared to indulge more than others...!


DSC01430.jpg (49kb) We'd be well over 3000ft high here (24kb) DSC01432.jpg (21kb)
DSC01433.jpg (24kb) DSC01434.jpg (23kb) DSC01435.jpg (24kb)
DSC01436.jpg (18kb) DSC01437.jpg (26kb) DSC01440.jpg (55kb)
All change (57kb) DSC01442.jpg (31kb) DSC01443.jpg (60kb)
Hannah's job is to act as a weight when packing the balloon (65kb) It's 8am and Brandy is pissed... good on ya girl! (57kb)  
northern territory flag

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