glen helen 2

It's all starting to look a bit dodgy now.

The Jennys from the Bronx are looking particularly shady...


Sarah and Alice raid the ice-cream freezer (59kb) And now they're heading for the drinks fridge! (61kb) Linda and  (61kb)
Now I've got my clothes on, George and Alison stop pissing themselves. (51kb) Jenny #5 and Sandra Bullock in disguise (72kb) Karen really hasn't got the hang of how to put a bra on yet (63kb)
DSC01050.jpg (56kb) I think my trousers must have fallen down again (57kb) DSC01052.jpg (49kb)
Jennys from the Bronx... (55kb) ... smack that pony... (54kb) ... erm ... (33kb)
... you know you want it ... (40kb) ... erm ... (50kb) ... nuff said ... (39kb)
northern territory flag

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