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The next stop was the famous King's Canyon.  Well, famous if you've ever seen the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  And if you've not seen it, then go and rent it from your local video shop now.  Go on, don't just sit there.  Run!.  Quick now, coz everyone else will be after it, so you'd best hurry!

As Graham had manage to lose Big Kev, when he should have been looking after him, his forfeit was to climb King's Canyon dressed in drag.  So wearing various cast-offs from the Bad Taste Party and with the girls helping him with his make-up, he did actually climb the canyon dressed as a girl.  And then he decided he liked the freedom of wearing a skirt.  

At the top of the canyon there is a natural hollow which contains a permanent waterhole, called the Garden of Eden.

It's the Cock in a Frock on his way to the Rock! (74kb) Climbing up King's Canyon (45kb) Paul's met his dream laydeee! (60kb)
Still not at the top (43kb) Keep on climbing (49kb) It's a big, red rock Alice (68kb)
It's a long way down (51kb) ... and quite wide too (43kb) I was impressed at how smooth the sides were (56kb)
Just one quick push, and we'll have the coach! (53kb) Making our way down into the Garden of Eden (91kb) And here it is! (92kb)
A little oasis in the desert (80kb) mpeg video clip (3.72Mb)  
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