king's creek 2

At King's Creek Station we camped out under the stars, sleeping in 'swags'.

Arranging ourselves in a 'squircle' (a sort-of square cirlcle!) we got ready for the night.  But before settling down for the night, we spent the evening round the campfire.

In true boy scout tradition, we had to make out own entertainment - taking turns with songs, stories and jokes.  And everyone, I'm really sorry about the jokes... especially the toast one!

We weren't the only things spending the night outdoors, not only were some mosquitoes joining us but this rather lovely spider too.

Yay for the Squircle! (61kb) Campfire.  (Ooh, just feel the heat of you!) (13kb) Around the campfire... (39kb)
Who's nicked my VB? (44kb) DSC01125.jpg (49kb) DSC01126.jpg (40kb)
Alice tries to slip me two fingers (48kb) Hannah's hair (36kb) DSC01131.jpg (39kb)
  This spider was seen crawling out of my swag and onto this bag! (85kb)  
northern territory flag

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