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I made two visits to Sydney during my time in Oz.  I stayed there for a few days upon arrival, to adjust to the change in time and weather - and returned again for a few days before departing for New Zealand.

After cold, wet, wintry London, Sydney's 30°C+ and sunshine took quite some getting used to.

I was staying in a city centre hotel, just next door to Town Hall Station, which made it conven ient to get around town.  One fo the first things I wanted to see was the 'Big Tyne Bridge'... Sydney's copy of the original in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  I was pleased to see that there was a Queen in town... although with Mardi Gras just a few weeks away, that shouldn't have surprised me!

The Town Hall in Sydney (60kb) I wonder if they're constantly pestered by British people looking for Mr Humphries and asking them if they're free...! (47kb) The local harbour ferry service is rather classy. (54kb)
Well it was Mardi Gras time, Sydney's bound to be full of queens. (43kb) The Big Tyne Bridge (57kb) Sydney's Singing Hoose. (48kb)
Circular Quay with the QE2 (and a random posing woman) (62kb) The Big Tyne Bridge (68kb) View from the Harbour Bridge (41kb)
View from the Harbour Bridge   (39kb) Darling Harbour (47kb) Darling Harbour, with Pyrmont Bridge and the Monorail (49kb)

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sydney harbour bridge

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