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I didn't have long in Sydney before heading off to the 'Red Centre' of Australia, but did fit in a ferry trip to Watson's Bay.

Sydney has a very good transport system, with regular fast ferries from Circular Quay to many places around the harbour.  For example, you can get to Manly on the JetCat in 15 mins - much faster than driving. You even get ticket machines and barrier gates at the quayside - just like on the tube.


Circular Quay (46kb) Circular Quay (45kb) The Coathanger (52kb)
The Opera House, from the Watson's Bay ferry (37kb) Opera House and City Centre (41kb) Is Melinda Messenger in the Fort today? (36kb)
Looking back across the harbour (32kb) The City Centre from Watson's Bay (52kb) DSC00957.jpg (39kb)
The view of the Woolworth's Metro and the Town Hall from the top floor of my hotel (79kb) DSC00961.jpg (31kb) Night time Sydney (28kb)
Looking across Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral (20kb) The Tower at night (16kb)  

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