uluru 1 - sunrise

After staying at King's Creek Station, we spent the next night at Yulara - the Ayre's Rock Resort. This is a town on the middle of nowhere (well 437km/272 miles from Alice Springs), built purely to service the thousands of visitors to the rock.  The rock itself is a further 18km/11 mile drive from Yulara.

So the next morning meant an early start in order to catch the sunrise over Uluru (aka Ayre's Rock).  But as you can see, heavy overnight rain was continuing - with mist and low cloud shrouding the rock. Were we disappointed?... No, because when it rains, the rock takes on a whole new character.  Not many tourists get to experience the dramatic waterfalls that are dry 99% of the time, but spring to life only after a heavy rainfall.

So despite most of us getting a thorough soaking (even those who resorted to improvising with bin-bags!) it was a pretty unique experience.

Before sunrise (6kb) Swirled in cloud (8kb) Getting lighter (9kb)
Rain is pouring down (10kb) It's not often you get to see this scene (29kb) DSC01173.jpg (8kb)
DSC01174.jpg (23kb) Atila, me and my lovely hat! (29kb) Waterfalls off the rock (40kb)
Shrouded in mist (30kb) DSC01179.jpg (32kb) It was very wet! (47kb)
At least Chris was well protected (69kb) Hannah's solution is definitely not rubbish (46kb) The waterfalls were amazing (45kb)
map of the region
northern territory flag

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