uluru 3 - sunset

This was a busy day. After the early start to see Uluru, climbing up Kata Tjuta and the scenic flight; we returned to Uluru.

Because of the morning's rain, the climb was closed.  It was hoped that the climb might be open the following day, so we were driven round to see the route of the climb.  That immediately put off quite a few people - as it really is a tough climb.

Then it was off to the sunset viewing area, for champagne (OK, Australian sparkiling wine) and nibbles.

DSC01279.jpg (64kb) A happy coachload! (64kb) If you want to climb the rock, this is the way you have to go.  You can just about make out the railings used to mark the way up. (48kb)
A closer look (29kb) The sunset viewing point (49kb) DSC01284.jpg (46kb)
George and Alison (55kb) Matty distributes the Champagne/Australian Sparkling Wine! (43kb) The rock changes colour every few minutes as the light levels vary (34kb)
See what I mean! (39kb) Hannah & Chris (42kb) Alice & Sarah (47kb)
northern territory flag

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