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Back to the North Island for another Contiki tour - around the Bay of Islands.

Whilst the rest of the world was talking about the 'War on Iraq', in New Zealand it was all about the 'War on the Painted Apple Moth'!  Who cares about terrorists, just get the bloody moths!  You know the kind of movie trailers which have the voiceover guy who's got a really deep voice and they go, 'It was a time for War, it was a time for Heroes!'?  Well they had ads just like that on the radio, explaining why the air force is currently engaged on a mission to wipe out the moth.  Apparently they have links with Al-Qaeda.

These are just moths they talking about; not suicide bombers.  I don't know why they don't just buy a whole stack of 60 watt light bulbs, set them up in a line and wait for the moths to head-butt themselves to death against the lamps!  So that's the War on Osamoth Bin Laden. (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)

Perhaps as the home of 'extreme' sports the Kiwis could combine moth elimination with a new sport.  You could have people hanging on bungee ropes from aeroplanes, trying to thwack moths with a cricket bat... 'extreme moth twatting'.  I think it's the way forward!


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